Welcome to Caminobleu!

On the roadside along the Via Francigena nel Sud, April 2019, photo by Torill Lyngby from Trondheim, Norway

Welcome to travel along with Kent and Linnea, on pilgrim routes and other journeys, at home and abroad. I will also be reflecting on everyday life, and eventually also share family history and stories.

Family Feud

September 15, 2022 I thought a week’s stay in the 1880s farmhouse built by my great-grandfather would be an uninterrupted time of peaceful reflection amid a busy three weeks of visiting friends and relatives in three states. It was not. There was no Wi-Fi to interrupt the day, although I could get faint internet access … Continue reading “Family Feud”

My Crockpot

23 January 2022 How many electrical appliances in your kitchen are more than forty years old? Countless electric toasters, microwave ovens, waffle makers, popcorn poppers, hand-mixers, and coffee pots have come and gone in mine, along with an electric knife and a knife-sharpener-can-opener combination that I decided were not worth their counter or storage space. … Continue reading “My Crockpot”