Day 3 Chemin d’Arles, Vauvert to Villetelle, Pilgrim Paradise,Tuesday, September 24

13.4 miles iPhone, or about 19 official km

Monet-like reflections

After a rather fast start this morning on country lanes in the cool of the day, we reached the small village of Cadognan in the company of Isabelle, Genevieve, and Georgina after 8.5 Km in just under 2 hours. Kent and I were hoping for a cup of coffee and a bit of a break, so we peeled off toward the town center. We passed a small supermarket and the post office with a bench out front, were motioned to continue by two women we had asked for directions. We ended up with pain au chocolat and juice from a boulangerie, which we took back to the bench, where we were greeted by friendly townspeople, including a woman in Muslim dress.

Unfortunately the rest of the way to charming Gallargues-le-Montueux was through large fields of grapes, along roads and industrial areas.

There was a lovely restaurant at the beginning of the old town, where we encountered Laurence and had a lovely shared plat du jour again, and a pleasant conversation.

Dessert in Gallargues-le-Montueux

At both of our stops we encountered the Canadian-French trio. The walk out of Gallargues-le-Montueux was also hot and shadeless, until we reached a river crossing just before Villetelle, where we said good-bye to everyone, but it turned out that all but Laurence, and Georgina (who had gone on ahead), were coming to the same Chambre d’Hote d’Aimardou.

A steep descent!
Near Villetelle

Now, I wasn’t expecting much of this place, but here behind a locked gate is a paradise, a Mediterranean-style house built around a swimming pool. Our private room here is bigger than that we shared with six people two nights ago, and contains a bidet, a toilet, a huge bathtub, two sinks and a television set, as well as a large bed. The bath area, which is up four steps, is tiled with images of saints. Everything is pristine and beautifully decorated. I was hoping for a bed with sheets. That would have been luxury enough!

Our beds in horse stall in Vauvert last night
Part of our room in pilgrim paradise
Our bed in pilgrim paradise Chambre D’Hote Amairadu

Our legs and feet are aching after the day’s walk, but I think we are getting stronger every day.

Author: Linnea Hendrickson

I am a retired librarian who walked my first camino to Santiago de Compostela in 2010, all alone from Le Puy-en-Velay to Finisterre. I've since returned to Spain, France, Portugal, or Italy at least every other year and continued to walk the many ways to Santiago.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 Chemin d’Arles, Vauvert to Villetelle, Pilgrim Paradise,Tuesday, September 24”

  1. Thank you for the daily updates, I’m starting from Toulouse on Tuesday with a friend. I’m loving the informative daily thoughts of your adventure. Remember one step at a time.


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