Christmas Greetings 2021 from Kent and Linnea

It is one week before Christmas Eve, and I’m still not feeling the Christmas spirit, despite participating in Advent readings with a small group and attending a glorious performance of Handel’s Messiah. I brought the Swedish straw goat and a wooden Santa Claus up from the basement and put a wreath on the door this evening. Decorating done, maybe.

I was briefly tempted by the pretty Christmas trees from Mora, NM in the lot on 4th Street, but the thought of putting everything up and taking it down deterred me. I have not baked a single cookie (yet) or bought anyone Christmas presents (besides a tip to our faithful newspaper carrier). I’ve invited guests for Christmas dinner but have not come up with a menu. Unless we get inspired, we will not set out luminaria on Christmas Eve as we did last year when the neighbors came to the end of the driveway for hot cider and cookies, happy to see each other, even in our masks, after the long months of lockdown.

Kent and I were relieved to get our first Covid vaccinations in February and March – thinking soon Covid would be gone, and we could resume life as we knew it. As we all know, that did not happen, although the threat of death was much lessened. We traveled to San Francisco several times, happy to see the family and take long walks. In August we drove to Wyoming for a gathering of Kent’s high school class, and in October and November we ventured on our first pandemic era foreign trip to Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca.

We have much to be grateful for, but I am feeling sad for the future of the world. My generation, in the 1960s railed at what our parents had done, but now we are leaving behind a worse mess. Tomorrow, one full week before Christmas, would be my father’s 120th birthday.  He was born on December 18, 1901, and although he suffered from a burst appendix, smallpox, and tuberculosis, and survived the 1918 flu pandemic, he lived to be 90 years old. After more than thirty years without them, I still miss my parents.

We worked extensively on Kent’s book We Ran Away to Sea, writing and re-writing several times and cutting out enough stories to fill another book. We hope to finish it in 2022.

I participated in the local photography club through meetings via Zoom and moved out of the beginner level in the exhibitions, although I still struggle with Lightroom, Photoshop, and my camera. The judges especially liked some of the pictures taken through the glass of our small bathroom’s shower. So much for traveling to get good pictures!

Last night just at sunset, I drove to La Montanita Co-Op to replenish our supply of rye crisp. The Sandia Mountains glowed deep pink, as they often do in winter. When I returned, the light had faded, but a perfect full moon now hung over the deep-blue peaks. Had I looked more carefully earlier, I might have seen the pink mountains and the rising moon together, but I missed the opportunity.

Despite my lack of Christmas spirit, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to wish you all the blessings and joys of the season. May our hope be renewed. When I asked Kent if I should add anything, he said, “How about a little cheer?”

Self-Portrait through the bathroom glass

Author: Linnea Hendrickson

I am a retired librarian who walked my first camino to Santiago de Compostela in 2010, all alone from Le Puy-en-Velay to Finisterre. I've since returned to Spain, France, Portugal, or Italy at least every other year and continued to walk the many ways to Santiago.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings 2021 from Kent and Linnea”

  1. Dear Linnea and Kent, Thanks for your season greetings. I know, it seems crazy to be facing yet another year with the pandemic. Like you, I fear and worry for the future. Yet our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all thrive, and that is comforting. I recall my several wonderful visits to Albuquerque and those pink hills. Best wishes for 2022. Love, Anne

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  2. Linnea~~

    Thank you so much for sending this and sharing. I completely understand… It is a difficult year to get into the spirit for sure. I too have not decorated… I agree, the effort was too much to put up and then think about taking down again. I did place a wreath on the front door, so the neighbors would not think I am a bah humbug! Lol!

    Your bathroom glass photos are amazing! At first glance, I thought your self portrait was an oil painting. You have definitely nailed it with effect. I am very interested in your photography zoom class… Although I have no camera to speak of. My best camera (other than my iPhone) is a very old Minolta film camera.

    I truly hope the rest of your holiday season is a little bit more cheerful. You are a very special person… An angel to many. We love you and appreciate all you do! Sometimes it is simply time to be inward, reflective, and recharge.

    Much love and many blessings to you and Kent!

    Besos y abrazos, 😘🤗 ❌❤️⭕️ Teresa

    PS: I might join your New Year’s day walk… Not sure at this time… I do have a tentative New Year’s Day 10 AM yoga zoom scheduled. I will keep you posted.


  3. Hello Linnea, You most likely do not know, but I admire you and Kent. Days past into years so quickly along with wonderful experiences that are shared with dear friends like the both of you. Hopefully, this explains why I wish you a pleasant holiday, even though not much to celebrate except past and present friendships. Hugs, Wanda


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  4. Dear Linnea,
    I always look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures and reading your thoughtful descriptions of each one. You are correct…some of the most extraordinary things we see through a lens are right in front of our eyes daily. As wonderful as your pictures have been of your trips, the ones you’ve shared here of you and Ken through the glass do serve as an example of how you have always seen life through a beautiful lens.

    Lack of holiday motivation seems to be a symptom of the World in Covid Times…but I have hope that there is light at the end of this pandemic’s tunnel.

    Love you, dear Linnea, and I hope you and Ken have a good, healthy, and adventurous year ahead.
    p.s. Tell us more about Ken’s books!

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  5. So enjoyed reading this. With my sister passing a few weeks before Christmas, that is how I felt. Not much umph!

    Photos are lovely. What photo class are you enrolled in?

    Dolores 505-259-7820



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