Meandering Streams and Haunted Forests: Day 12, Friday, 4 October 2019. Saint Gervais-sur-Mare to Ginestet, 11.5 iPhone miles, 13 km. 1800 feet elevation gain.

Ferme Deves.

Here’s what I wrote to my kids tonight:

Chestnuts everywere
Old trees

Some hard walking here, but we are doing half the usual distances, which is still a lot for us. 10 miles rather than 20.

Cows: all eyes on me

Beautiful country. Cold and windy today with a bit of drizzle, clouds, but rain held off.

We are into another French weekend, when everything closes.

We had a nice meal tonight at this farm. Soup, salad, red wine, mashed potatoes, sausages, with cheese and an apple for dessert. We are in the middle of nowhere. When I woke up from my nap, a white horse was walking by the window. Not sure I’ve ever lain in bed and watched a horse walk by before.

I think about you a lot when walking. For some reason felt very sad today. Maybe the weather, the dark forests or time of year.

We see no one on the trails as everyone passes us at the beginning of the day if there is anyone staying where we are.

Artful woodpile in Castenet -Le-Haut

Very cold here, no heat in room, but we’ve turned on heater in bathroom to try to dry wet towels and clothes.

Many beautiful clear streams cascade into stone pools, perfect for bathing in warm weather, like the Gorges d’Heric where Ed and I stayed 20 years ago, not far from here.

Many mysterious forests with old stone walls in terraces running through them. Who lived here and why did they build these walls? When? The hills are so rugged. So many questions.

A happy moment near day’s end